Four Top Free Video Editing Software For PC

Top free editing software for PC

If you’re looking for the top free video editing software for pc, you shouldn’t look any further. We have curated the websites and found four video editing software that is free.

This software is available for multiple OS, so it doesn’t matter if you’re on a Mac or Linux, you still can deliver a good video. However, you need to know that each software has a different specialization. They may have similar features but will give you different results.

Four Top Free Video Editing Software for PC

We have curated four video editing software for you to use. They are free, easy to install, and work great whether you’re working on an Instagram post or making a short movie. Each has its pros and cons so you need to find the video editing software that suits you best.


Being a web-based software doesn’t make WeVideo lacks any features. On the contrary, the software provides numerous templates that you can use when making a video.

But its free version has a very limited feature that may not up to your liking. Many users are also been complaining about how the software takes a long time to render the video. Still, it’s one of the best free software to edit a video.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is another web-based software on this list. Most users praise the high-quality result and variety of features it has. They also can rely on cloud storage will make their work much easier. Users can shoot and edit their videos immediately.

However, make sure your hardware can handle DaVinci Resolve. Even though it’s cloud-based software, it still requires almost professional hardware setup to run smoothly.


This software is a powerful tool that many professional loves. You can get a high-quality result even though you’re only a beginner in the field. PowerDirector is also a favorite among reviewers. So even though it gives a limited format on the free version, its other features redeem for what it lacks.

HitFilm Express

Just like the name, HitFilm boasts its speed in editing and rendering. It has an intuitive UI that gets very helpful when you need a quick job. One of the best features of HitFilm is the wide variety of lighting effects. And with a drag-and-drop system, you can rely on HitFilm to bring out the best video even when you’re short on time.

Top Free Video Editing Software for PC: Understand Where Your Skill is at

Most people over underestimate their knowledge or overestimate their needs. They think they need all of the features and end up having all software only to eventually use one or two. The truth is, you only need a select few like lighting, color adjustment, and transitions.

The rest of the features come as add-ons, including some of the templates they have. You need to be creative and try out the other features. So here are the top free video editing software for pc that works on multiple OS. Some are even web-based, so you can use them anywhere, even on your tablet.

Whichever app you choose, make sure that you are comfortable and improve your skill.