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You can order your ads by choosing our packages above. After that, click add to the cart the package you selected before and then click checkout; you can send payment here to finish your order.

After you’ve ordered which package you want, you will be directed to the questionnaire page. Here, you’ll be able to tell us more about your product, your target market, and any other important information that can help us to create your perfect ads.

Once completed, our team will work on it and deliver your ads to your email according to the package and details you’ve sent.

Usually, our team will do a quick delivery within 1 – 2 business days. Delivery time may vary depending on how many ad videos you’ve ordered.

Videoadstop offers you various packages that you can choose to suit your needs. The pricing will vary if you have additional requirements for the ads.

Yes, we can help you to write the scripts to make your products more awesome that will be engaging to your target customers.

Of course, you can. Once we finish with the script, we will send you the script to translate the script with your language. Or, if you need other languages, we can translate the script to your required languages but with additional cost.

You can ask for a revision two times within 48 hours upon the delivery. We will not accept revision requests if the delivery has reached more than two days. However, there will be a small charge for any revision you request if the free revisions have already been two times or have passed for more than two days.

These are what you can ask for revisions, but are not limited to; sound effects or music changes. Caption modifications; change color, size, font, positioning, grammar, or style. Effects or animation modifications; change or remove added effects/transitions in the video. And Re-arranging footages.

Depending on what you have asked for changes, usually it will not take more than 24 hours, but there are some circumstances if we deliver the revision more than 24 hours, for example, high volume of order.

First, we’ll make sure to follow policies and restrictions from social media platforms. However, if the ads get rejected, we’ll be happy to help you fix the problems without charge, but we also need you to show us the reason for rejection to understand how to fix the problem.