How to Create Motion Graphics for Beginners

How to create motion graphics for beginners

Did you know that you can do more when you know how to create motion graphics for beginners? Animated videos have always been one of the most popular marketing methods.

The animation industry is a big bucks business. Just take a look at Pixar, Disney, and Dreamworks. That is why many people are learning how to create and work with animation.

Key steps on how to create motion graphics for beginners

In the design world, motion graphic is nothing new. But it’s recently reached a new height after many social media posts are using it. The designers in social media are having fun with the graphic by creating a standalone story or including it in existing pictures. However, you need to know that animation isn’t an overnight project. The best animation is the result of dedicated time and effort.

Start with an idea

You may think some people are blessed with a highly creative brain to create something out of thin air. But that’s not what it seems since they need to start somewhere.

A misconception is forcing the idea to come at any given time. Some people work best under pressure, but a relaxed brain will bring a better and fresher idea. List all of your ideas before you narrow down your options. You can return to this list anytime in case you’re stuck on the first idea you choose.

Write the script

Can’t write one? No problem. You can always write the script outline to give a solid structure to the story. This is where you explain the visualization or how the animation will look. Some animators choose to go directly on the storyboard to write their story. Pay attention to how you flesh out the story, not the medium you use.

Continue brainstorming

Even though you’re a one-man team, you still need other people’s opinions on the work. Brainstorming doesn’t necessarily translate into a meeting where you present your work. It can be a friend or family member commenting on what you can improve.

Start animating

The last step is for you to put your story into animation. Make sure that your story is already solid and only requires minimal changes. This is where you include the sound effect, coloring, and other things to complete the animation.

How to Create Motion Graphics for Beginners: the Software Doesn’t Matter, but Skill Does!

Your skill and how you follow the key steps are more important than the apps you use. You can use the most premium software but it doesn’t guarantee it will be the most efficient method. Your app may help you work on the animation immediately.

But you will see how you’re wasting more time by constantly making changes when you could have done that during the storyboard-making and brainstorming process.

Motion graphics is not a difficult skill to learn. However, it’s also not something that comes out of the blue. It has multiple layers and steps to go through. But once you know how to create motion graphics for beginners, you will have more platforms and content to work with.